Month of Remembrance
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Lord God,
whose days are without end and whose mercies beyond counting,
keep us mindful that life is short and the hour of death unknown.
Let your Spirit guide our days on earth in the ways of holiness and justice,
that we may serve you in union with the whole Church,
sure in faith, strong in hope, perfect in love.
And when our earthly journey is ended,
lead us rejoicing into your kingdom,
where you live forever and ever.
(Order of Christian Funerals, 332)

Mass of Remembrance

Saturday, Nov. 20 | 5:30 p.m. | Online & Onsite

Remembering our loved ones who have passed away, we welcome you to submit your loved one’s photo to be included in our slideshow: email a digital copy to Steve at .



Homeless Memorial Service

Wednesday, Nov. 3 | 10:00 a.m. | Online & Onsite

We remember those who have passed away while experiencing homelessness in our community and we recommit ourselves to the fight to end homelessness. This interfaith event is sponsored in partnership with the Westside Coalition.

Click Here to Watch the Video


Bereavement Support


Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we can experience, and support can be very helpful.  For those who are seeking grief support, St. Monica Bereavement Ministry offers grief workshops and online support groups. Our next online Bereavement Group will begin on Thursday, Jan. 13.


Click Here for More Information and to Register


All Souls Novena

The Church holds the tradition of the remembrance of the dead very strongly, and focuses on our call to honor the souls of the faithful departed throughout the month of November. We invite you to encribe the names of your loved ones: family, friends, and neighbors, who have gone before us throughout our lives. Our All Souls Novena will honor them at the altar during our liturgies throughout the month.


If you would like to make an All Souls offering, continue on to make your donation.


Submit the names of your loved ones




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Sat 8:00 am - Church & Livestream


Sat Vigil 5:30 pm - Church


Sun 7:30 am - Church

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Sun 11:30 am - Church

Sun 4 pm - Outdoors

Sun 5:30 pm - Church & Livestream



Mon-Fri 5:30–6 pm

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Sat 4:30–5:00 pm


Reservations no longer required.

Advent Faith-Sharing Groups Begin Saturday, Nov 27 - All Day
Holiday Outreach Saturday, Nov 27 - All Day
St. Robert's Center Saturday, Nov 27 @ 7:30 AM
Junior Legion of Mary Saturday, Nov 27 @ 8:45 AM
Advent Faith-Sharing Groups Begin Saturday, Nov 27 - All Day
Children's Liturgy of the Word Sunday, Nov 28 - All Day
Holiday Outreach Saturday, Nov 27 - All Day
No Faith Formation Session Sunday, Nov 28 - All Day

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