Volunteer Appreciation 2020
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 Want to share YOUR story? You can!!!

volunteer awards


panel of videos


 Want to share YOUR story? You can!!!

volunteer awards


panel of videos


Upload Your VIdeo

We want to thank all of our volunteers this year in a special way, since we cannot gather in person.

Help us honor you by contributing to our virtual wall - upload a video and share with us your favorite memory of volunteering at St. Monica. Your shining example will encourage others and be a great sign of the joy of serving the community. Thank you for your consideration!


Volunteer Appreciation 2020 Video Guidelines

Start by recording your video: upload video 2

First state your name and right after answer the following prompt:  “My favorite volunteer moment at St. Monica’s is when…”Then share your favorite moment, tell us what happened in this moment and why this experience energizes you to serve as a disciple of Christ, transforming the world.  We ask that you not list all the ministries you are involved in. 


Keep the video raw, do not add any elements to the video.

Keep duration to less than 1 min.
Go to https://stmonica.net/upload to upload your video.
We will review and edit videos as necessary

Prayers for Volunteers

 St. Teresa of Calcutta, patron Saint of volunteers, pray for us! 


May your Spirit strengthen us; so that we will be: strong in faith, discerning in proclamation, courageous in witness, persistent in good deeds.

Prayers For Volunteers

  mother teresa

For Those Who Volunteer in Churches
Everlasting God, strengthen and sustain all those who volunteer in our churches;
that with patience and understanding they may love and care for your people;
and grant that together they may follow Jesus Christ,
offering to you their gifts and talents;
through him who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
(Adapted by Sharon Ely Pearson from the Collect at a New Ministry, Episcopal Book of Common Prayer)


May Your Spirit Strengthen Us

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, the privilege is ours to share
in the loving, healing, reconciling mission of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord,
in this age and wherever we are.
Since without you we can do no good thing, may your Spirit make us wise;
may your Spirit guide us; may your Spirit renew us;
may your Spirit strengthen us; so that we will be: strong in faith,
discerning in proclamation, courageous in witness, persistent in good deeds.
This we ask through the name of the Father. Amen.
(from the Church of the Province of the West Indies)


David Hines Volunteer Award

The David Hines Volunteer Award honors outstanding volunteers, presented annually at the Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. Each year, our staff, clergy, ministers, volunteers, and community gather as a whole to celebrate all of our committed volunteers, and to honor the legacy of David Hines. We recognizes those in our midst who best exemplify the love and commitment to service to the St. Monica Community.


david hinesThe award celebrates a wonderful man, deserving of being remembered as a major part of the St. Monica Community. David Hines, most beloved of our parish, was a tireless and selfless leader and an active member of our community. He was a part of many choirs and ensambles, as a musician and singer. David was the coordinator of our Annual Seder Dinner and was actively involved in our youth programs. David Hines was a professional musician and sound engineer. He had a personal ephiphany after meeting Msgr. Torgerson in the early 1990s, and devoted his life to helping others. He was an instrumental part of the Music Family at St. Monica, having written a song entitled "Daddy," that was often heard at our Mass celebrations. Tragically, our community lost David in a car accident, while he was driving to Serra Retreat Center to assist with our 8th-grade retreat.


As his brother has noted, "Dave lived for celebration" - with that in mind, let us all come together (this year virtually) to celebrate David's life and legacy through the recognition of the oustanding work that continues in his name here at St. Monica. 


Past Awardees

Past Recipients  - as of 2019

Archer, Ed and Joanne (12)

Akins, Marilyn

Amendolare, Erin (09)

Amendolare, Tegan (07)

Arnold, Phyllis

Auer, Lynda

Auer, Paul  (19)

Balque, Kimberly (17)

Bandoni, Mike

Barnoski, Barbara (02)

Susan Barrett (10)

Boe, Mark

    & Peggy (08)

Bradley, Felicia (19)

Brewer, Elaine

Bremberg, Don

Brooks, Kelly (19)

Burnes, John (07)

Cabanban, Esther

Campeau, Thelma (06)

Chalen, Ben (09)

Chapman, Bill (18)

Christian, Joe (07)

Connor, Jackie (17)

Crawford, Sam

Crear, Steve and Mona (07)

Crewse, Kathy (08)

Curry, Fran

Curry, Fran

      (11-125th anniversary special award)
Davis, Dawnelle (11)

Del Regno, Andrea (13)

Dewey, Nancy (07)

DiPaolo, Mike (04)

Dirstine, Betty (04)

Eberherr, Sylvia (01)

Eileen Leary (11)

Fredericks, Lloyd

    & Linda Guest (03)

Gallegos, Coco

Garcia, Walt (01)

Gault, Maureen (14)

Geohaghen, Michael (01)

Giuliano, David (08)

Glode, Angela

    & John (14)

Gonzales, Frank (13)

Grumbach, Curtis

    & Debbie (02)

Hanley, Chuck & John

Hardwick, Dennis (12)

Harris, George (17)

Harrison, Barbara (12)

Herred, Barbara (15)

Heller, Peter (11)

Hemenez, Kristen

    & Jaimie Clark (15)

Heppting, Diane (10)

Herbst, Gloria

Heric, Ali (17)

Hicks, Larry

    (and Christine) (09)

Hoffman, Betty (06)

Hoffman, (Ruiz) Geoconda (02)

Hopkins, Miriam

Kemp, Lynn  (18)

Kleinbub, Suzanne (08)

Kurata, Lynn  (18)

Landin, Lorenzo & Vicky (06)

Layman, Rosemarie

Lillo, Denise

Lilly-Hicks, Christine

    (and Larry) (09)

Luebke, Harold (11)

Lyons, Peter

    & Gail (06)

Madok, Bob (04)

Madok, Nina (19)

Mangrobang, Leo

Martinez, Veronica (14)

Mayer, Lucy (18)

McCardle, Kevin (05)

McCowan, Annamarie (03)

McDermott, Eileen

McShane, Virginia

Mendoza, Rebecca (12)

Miller, Toni

Misch, Mark (08)

Moosbrugger, Ed

    & Julie (10)

Mortensen, Bill

Nakaki, Thomas

Noone, (Hummel) Marcia

Noone, Tom

Norman, Mike

Oliva, Dan   (05)

Orcutt, Jill  (18)

Palmieri, Jamie

Peak, Jeff (09)

Phan, Mary (19)

Pierce, Carolyn (13)

Putnam, John

    & Sophia (10)

Reichel, Marie

Reynolds, Daryl (03)

Roberts, Paul (05)

Robles, Pat

Rodriquez, Anna (19)

Rodriquez, Trevor

Romanoski, Mark (03)

Sause, Ed (15)

Schlei, Andy

    & Danielle

Schwala, Dan

Serra, Ken

    & Arlene (13)

Sharp, Nancy (01)

Shore, Valerie (09)

Simbeck, John

Smith, Margaret

Spera, Ann

Steinberger, Michael (15)

Stocks, Guy (14)

Sturges, John

    & Dorothy

Summers, Patricia (17)

Sumption, Rose

Taravella, Carla (05)

Traxler, Margaret (04)

Tummolo, Evelyn

Tyner, Rick  (18)

Verge, Suzanne (09)

Viterbo, Maryann

Watts, Patricia (17)

Yeater, Joni

Zanic, Tom (12)

Zee, Lucy (06)




Mon–Sat 12:10p - Livestream

Mon, Wed, Fri 7:30a - Church


Sat Vigil 3:30p - Outdoors on Hilton School Yard Lawn


Sun 9:30a & 5:30p - Livestream & Church

Sun 11a - Outdoor Communion Procession

Sun 3:30p - Outdoors on Hilton School Yard Lawn



Mon-Fri 5:30–6:30p

Please arrive by 6p.

Sat 2:30–3:00p

Marriage Information Night Wednesday, Apr 28 @ 7:00 PM
Anchor of Hope Women's Retreat Friday, Apr 30 @ 7:00 PM
Anchor of Hope Women's Retreat Saturday, May 1 @ 10:00 AM
YMA Retreat: Behold and Be Held Friday, May 7 - All Day
YMA Retreat: Behold and Be Held Friday, May 7 - All Day
YMA Retreat: Behold and Be Held Friday, May 7 - All Day
Vacation Bible School: Rocky Railroad Monday, Jun 21 - All Day
Vacation Bible School: Rocky Railroad Monday, Jun 21 - All Day

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