Loaves & Fishes Food Drive
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Contact: Delis Alejandro  | 310-566-1530  | 

St. Monica sponsors the monthly Loaves & Fishes Food Drive, which helps provide food to the Westside Food Bank and the St. Joseph Center Food Bank.   The food is distributed to individuals and families in need in our local community and to organizations that work with people in need.  Help us make sure that everyone can get the nutrition that they need.

Food Drive!

Food insecurity is currently at an all-time high throughout L.A. and on the Westside—because of financial challenges sparked by the pandemic, many individuals and families are reaching out for food support for the very first time.  The need is great—for example, from March 2020 to October 2020, Los Angeles food banks distributed 145% more food than normal.

St. Monica is still teaming up with Westside Food Bank every second Sunday of the month to fight hunger! Westside Food Bank, is a great community organization that provides food to individuals, and to over 70 local agencies that serve people in need.  You can help in either of two ways:

  • Donate online at
    Westside Food Bank: St. Monica Loaves & Fishes
    For every $1 that you donate, the Food Bank can feed four (4) people! 
    Buying food in bulk cuts the costs significantly.

  • Every Second Sunday of the Month
    Donate these requested non-perishable items:


    -Pasta sauce (in plastic jars)
    -Snack bars (granola or protein)

    The Westside Food Bank has specifically requested these items because they are difficult or more expensive to buy in bulk during this COVID period.

    Bring your donations from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. to the parish Coffee & Donuts gathering. You can also look for our blue, yellow & white donation boxes on campus or bring them to the Parish Office!

Volunteers are always welcome! Contact Delis Alejandro at  or 310-566-1530.


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A Word on Eggs!

Like many grocery store customers nowadays, the Westside Food Bank is struggling to find and buy eggs. They have been unable to purchase eggs from their typical sources and when they find eggs the prices are high. The egg crisis has really hit foodbanks hard as they have been a cheaper source of protein to offer families in need. If you want to help defray the costs donate at our Loaves and Fishes donation link:




For more information on the egg crisis, visit the Westside Food Bank website at https://www.wsfb.org/eggs/?blm_aid=35104



Please do not bring eggs to St. Monica. Only donate online.



Next Month’s Food Drive

 Sunday, March 12


In March, as we are in Lent, besides the food listed above we also add to this list canned fish (tuna, salmon, etc).



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