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Check back for updates for October Topics!


Check back for updates for October Topics!


Archived Videos

Portraying Jesus - A Conversation with Jonathan Roumie

Webinar presented on Sep. 24: Featuring Jonathan Roumie & Fr. David Guffey


The Gift and Powerful Presence of Family Theater Productions

Webinar presented on Sep. 17: Featuring Fr. David Guffey & Megan Harrington

A Leap of Faith

Webinar presented on Sept. 3: Featuring Jamey Wheless

From Los Angeles to Berkeley and Rome, to Nairobi and back!

Webinar presented on July 31: Featuring Fr. Dave Ayotte, Jason Semko & Caitlin Smith


Limitless: A guide on how Christ showed us to live beyond our limitations

Webinar presented on July 23: Featuring Bobby Vidal & Dominik Gnirs

Recognizing the Sacramental Moments in the Mundane of Daily Life 

Webinar presented on July 16: Featuring TIm O'Malley, Suzette Sornborger & Dale Sieverding

Trusting Others: Bridging the Gap Between Seeing and Believing

Webinar presented on June 25: Featuring Ann Shoen & Will Peters

Worshipping Together When We're Not Together

Webinar presented on June 18: Featuring John Flaherty & Dale Sieverding


Our Response is Love

Webinar presented on June 4: Featuring Msgr. Torgerson, Delis Alejandro, Christine Gerety, Dominik Gnirs, and Dale Sieverding


Taking the Panic out of Pandemic: Surviving and Thriving during COVID-19

Webinar presented on May 28: Featuring Christine Gerety, Dale Sieverding and Msgr. Torgerson


Prayer: A How-to of Sorts

Webinar presented on May 21: Featuring Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC and Jenny Hoffman


From Fragility to Strength: Finding Faith in a Time of Fear

Webinar presented on May 14: Featuring Dr. David Alberston & Rabbi Dr. Miriyam Glazer

Caring for our Common Home: Pope Francis' Teaching on the Environment

Webinar presented on May 7: Featuring Meredith McCarthy, Dominik Gnirs & Fr. Ian Hagan


Forgiving Others

Webinar presented on Mar. 26: Featuring Dominik Gnirs



Webinar presented on Apr. 2: Featuring Dale Sieverding & Jenna Clingingsmith


A Search for Heaven

Webinar presented on Apr. 3: Featuring Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts




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