Loaves & Fishes Food Drive
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Contact: Christine Gerety  | 310-566-1531  | 

St. Monica sponsors the monthly Loaves & Fishes Food Drive which collects and delivers up to 1000 llbs each month to one of three local food banks (Westside Food Bank, St. Joseph Center Food Bank, or St. Robert Center Weekend-Food Pantry). You can help support this drive by donating non-perishable items on the second Sunday of every month.


Here’s what to do

  • Pick up a donation bag on the first Sunday of the month. The donation bags are available on the Duval or Grand Patio.
  • Fill the bag with non-perishable items (Please see below for a list of recommended foods.)
  • Bring the filled bag back to St. Monica on the second Sunday of the month, and place it in one of the bins on the Duval or Grand Patio.

If you forget to pick up a donation bag, but have groceries to contribute, no problem! Just place your groceries in the bins and we’ll make sure they get delivered.


Most Commonly Needed Items

Canned Foods: Tuna, Vegetables, and Soup; Fruits and Fruit Juices; Pork & Beans; Stews & Other Meats


Packaged Foods: Pasta, Lentils, Pinto and other beans; Rice; Macaroni & Cheese & Packaged Dinners; Instant Soups; Hot and Cold Cereals; Peanut Butter & other Nut Butters; Nutritional Bars: protein, granola, energy or breakfast bars; Infant formula; Jar foods – all flavors and stages; Crackers, teething biscuits, and cookies; Raisins & fruit snacks; Juices: jars, cans, pouches and boxes; Infant and children’s cereals; Ensure


Volunteers Needed

We also  need volunteers to (1) help collect food from the bins, sort the food, and load food that comes in after each Mass into the parish truck, and (2) promote the food drives by distributing food bags after Masses on the first Sunday of every month.



Mon - Fri:  6:30a, 8:00a, 12:10p

Saturday:  8:00a, 5:30p

Sunday:  7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a

                1:15p, 5:30p, 7:30p



Mon - Fri:  5:30-6:00p

Sat:  4:30-5:00p

Marriage Information Night Wednesday, Jan 31 @ 7:15 PM
"Dancing with Our Stars" Friday, Feb 2 @ 7:00 AM
Voices of Faith Saturday, Feb 3 @ 9:00 AM

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