Thanksgiving Dinner & Clothing Boutique
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Contact: Delis Alejandro,  or (310) 566-1530


Each year on Thanksgiving Eve, St. Monica Catholic Community hosts a free Thanksgiving meal for the greater community. Undaunted by the pandemic we continued this tradition of giving to others in 2020 by inviting all guests to stop by, and pick up a prepackaged dinner and new clothing items to enjoy in another setting. This year in a safe and secure manner we invite guests to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner “with all the trimmings” in person at St. Monica and once again receive a package of new clothing and toiletry items for the winter months ahead.


Save the date!


Join us on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, for the 42nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner & Clothing Boutique. The event will be between the hours of 1pm and 4pm at St. Monica Catholic Community. The meal is served outside at tables with limited seating at each table. Following dinner guests will be escorted to another area of tables where you can receive new clothing and toiletry items.


Guests may begin to line up at 11:30am on the 24th while observing social distancing guidelines. The line will begin at the Church gates off Washington Avenue and will extend in the direction of 7th Street towards California Avenue.


While in line and at any time while at St. Monica all guests, volunteers and staff must wear masks except when eating. If you do not have a mask, we will be happy to provide you with one.


On entering the parish grounds temperatures will be taken of all guests, volunteers and staff and all will be asked to sanitize their hands. Hands free sanitizing stations will be available.


All packages and pets are left at Baggage Claim and returned to guests on their departure. Because of COVID-19 precautions, we cannot have anyone waiting in line before 11:30am. We will not be distributing tickets ahead of time. Toilet facilities will be accessible to guests and bottled water will be on hand.


How You Can Help!


This great tradition at St. Monica brings together every grade in our schools, every ministry in the parish, neighbors, restaurant and hotel kitchens, and hundreds of volunteers to feed and clothe approximately 1000 men and women who need an extra lift for the holidays.


As a community we feel strongly that everyone be able to enjoy this most sacred of American holidays. Partaking in our dinner at St. Monica may be their only opportunity to sit down at a holiday meal or opportunity to pick up a clothing item that will protect them from the elements this winter season. To prepare for our guests, we welcome donations, volunteers, and especially your prayers!

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