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Content is generally updated the evening before a scheduled Mass.


We are #StillStMonica. Share photos and stories of your family taking part in Mass!

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Content is generally updated the evening before a scheduled Mass.


We are #StillStMonica. Share photos and stories of your family taking part in Mass!

Connect with your St. Monica family:






  • First Reading

    Peter said to the people:
    “The God of Abraham,
    the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob,
    the God of our fathers, has glorified his servant Jesus,
    whom you handed over and denied in Pilate’s presence
    when he had decided to release him.
    You denied the Holy and Righteous One
    and asked that a murderer be released to you.
    The author of life you put to death,
    but God raised him from the dead; of this we are witnesses.
    Now I know, brothers,
    that you acted out of ignorance, just as your leaders did;
    but God has thus brought to fulfillment
    what he had announced beforehand
    through the mouth of all the prophets,
    that his Christ would suffer.
    Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away.”

    Acts 3:13-15, 17-19

  • Second Reading

    My children, I am writing this to you
    so that you may not commit sin.
    But if anyone does sin, we have an Advocate with the Father,
    Jesus Christ the righteous one.
    He is expiation for our sins,
    and not for our sins only but for those of the whole world.
    The way we may be sure that we know him is to keep
    his commandments.
    Those who say, “I know him,” but do not keep his commandments
    are liars, and the truth is not in them.
    But whoever keeps his word,
    the love of God is truly perfected in him.

    1 Jn 2:1-5a

  • Gospel

    The two disciples recounted what had taken place on the way,
    and how Jesus was made known to them 
    in the breaking of bread.

    While they were still speaking about this,
    he stood in their midst and said to them,
    “Peace be with you.”
    But they were startled and terrified
    and thought that they were seeing a ghost.
    Then he said to them, “Why are you troubled?
    And why do questions arise in your hearts?
    Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself.
    Touch me and see, because a ghost does not have flesh and bones
    as you can see I have.”
    And as he said this,
    he showed them his hands and his feet.
    While they were still incredulous for joy and were amazed,
    he asked them, “Have you anything here to eat?”
    They gave him a piece of baked fish; 
    he took it and ate it in front of them.

    He said to them,
    “These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you,
    that everything written about me in the law of Moses
    and in the prophets and psalms must be fulfilled.”
    Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.
    And he said to them,
    “Thus it is written that the Christ would suffer
    and rise from the dead on the third day
    and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins,
    would be preached in his name
    to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
    You are witnesses of these things.”

    Lk 24:35-48


  • Behold the Lamb

    Behold the Lamb

    by Martin Willett


    1. Those who were in the dark are thankful for the sunlight;

    we who live, we who die are grateful for his gift,

    thankful for his love.



    Behold, behold the Lamb of God.

    All who eat, all who drink shall live;

    and all, all who dwell in God

    shall come to know his glory.


    2. Peaceful now, those whose hearts are blessed with understanding

    of the wheat, of the wine united with his word

    and the love we share.


    Refrain text: Based on John 1:29. Text and music © 1984, OCP. All rights reserved.


  • Psalm 4

    Lord, Let Your Face Shine on Us

    by David Lockwood


    Lord, let your face shine on us.

    Let it shine, shine, shine on us!


    1. When I call, answer me, O my just God,
        you who relieve me when I am in distress;
        have pity on me, and hear my prayer!


    2. Know that the LORD does wonders for his faithful one;
        the LORD will hear me when I call upon him.


    3. O LORD, let the light of your countenance shine upon us!
        You put gladness into my heart.


    4. As soon as I lie down, I fall peacefully asleep,
        for you alone, O LORD,
        bring security to my dwelling.


  • Gospel Acclamation

    Halle, Halle, Halle

    by Marty Haugen



    Halle, halle, hallelujah!

    Halle, halle, hallelujah!

    Halle, halle, hallelujah,

    hallelujah! Hallelujah!



    Lord Jesus, open the Scriptures to us;
    make our hearts burn while you speak to us.


    Refrain Copyright © 1990 Wild goose Resource Group, Iona Community

    GIA Publications, Inc., exclusive North American Agent.

    Arrangement Copyright © 2005 by GIA Publications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  • Eucharistic Acclamation

    Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations

    By Tony Alonso


    Holy, Holy, Holy

    Lord, God of Hosts

    Heaven and Earth

    Are full of your glory.

    Hosanna in the highest.

    Blessed is he who comes

    In the name of the Lord.

    Hosanna, in the highest.

    Hosanna, in the highest.


    Music: Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations, Tony Alonso © 2016, GIA Publications, Inc.

  • Mystery of Faith

    Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations

    By Tony Alonso


    Save us, Savior of the world,

    for by your Cross and Resurrection

    you have set us free.

    Music: Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations, Tony Alonso © 2016, GIA Publications, Inc.

  • Lamb of God

    Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations

    By Tony Alonso


    Lamb of God

    You take away the sins,

    The sins of the world.

    Have mercy on us.


    Lamb of God

    You take away the sins,

    The sins of the world.

    Have mercy on us.


    Lamb of God

    You take away the sins,

    The sins of the world.

    Grant us peace.


    Music: Mass of Christ, Light of the Nations, Tony Alonso © 2016, GIA Publications, Inc.

  • Emmaus


    By Tony Alonso


    1. As we journeyed on our way
    and remembered Christ our friend,
    our eyes were slow to recognize,
    our hearts to comprehend.
    Now a stranger at our side,
    we talked with him on the way
    of all the things that happened
    that led us to this day.



    In the breaking of the bread
    we have known you, O Lord.
    By your word have we been led
    to the breaking of the bread.


    2. Then he opened up the Word
    of the prophets who had said,
    “Your Savior first must suffer,
    then rise from the dead.”
    As our journey found its end
    and the dark of night drew near,
    we told the stranger, “Stay with us
    till morning’s light appears.



    It was at table then we knew
    why our hearts were set ablaze:
    This stranger was our brother
    arisen from the grave!


    Text: Based on Luke 24:13-35; Tony E. Alonso, b.1980, © 2007, GIA Publications, Inc. 

  • Alleluia! Love Is Alive

    Alleluia! Love Is Alive

    By Steve Angrisano/Jesse Manibusan/Sarah Hart


    1. People of God, see the morning is new;

    rise from your sleeping and run to the tomb.

    Come and see! Come and see! He is alive!

    A grave that is empty, a promise fulfilled.

    God who was with us is here with us still.

    He is here! He is here! He is alive!




    Alleluia! Love is alive;

    conquered the grave and defeated the night.

    Alleluia! Love is alive!

    The Son has arisen for all.

    Your people sing alleluia!


    2. People of God, let your fear fall away.

    Your chains have been broken; abandon your shame.

    Lift your hearts! Lift your hearts!

    He is alive! Here now is mercy embracing your soul;

    here the fulfillment that once was foretold.

    It is true! It is true! He is alive!


    © 2012, Steve Angrisano, Sarah Hart and Jesse Manibusan. Published by Two by Two Ministries and Spirit & Song®, a division of OCP. Administered by Spirit & Song®, a division of OCP. All rights reserved.



General Intercessions: Third Sunday of Easter - April 18, 2021

For the Church:

For all survivors of abuse from those in positions of authority…

For healing of memory, heart, mind and soul of those harmed by abuse from leaders in the church…

For the health of Pope Francis – that God’s spirit remain strong in him as he leads our church…

We pray


For the needs of our state, nation, and world:

For all teachers, coaches, mentors who work with young people…

For the victims of injustice, violence and terror based on race and ethnic origin…

For continued healing of all affected by the COVID pandemic…

For family owned and small businesses recovering from the economic crisis…

For those unemployed or underemployed and searching for work…

For recognition that care for Mother Earth is the responsibility of each individual and family…

We pray


For the needs of this community of St. Monica:

For the new Catholics – our neophytes as they find their rightful place in our community…

For those struggling to make ends meet…

For health care workers, first responders, essential workers who have risked their health in responding to the health crisis.

For our parishioners – households of one, couples, families and all who call St Monica their spiritual home…

We pray


For those who are ill, especially those with life threatening illnesses and COVID:

Trevor Browse, Lesley Forman, Jessica Perez , Susan Gerard, Margaret Star, Octavio Martinez, Alexandrei Besin, Marshall Robertson, Bobby Bell, Daniel Vanneste, Cynthia Morales, Freddy Rozario, Fr. Ian Hagen, Baby Anna Olivia Artajo, Agnes Faustian Cosio

We pray


For those who have died in the peace of Christ:

Mary Ondracek, Rose Watt, Dulce Ong, Virginia Elbinias, Augustine Pithey, Vivencio Bernardo, Bryan Kreimendahl, Jose Blanco, Ronald Kuhns, Thomas P. Kelly Jr., Mario Fierro, Sylvia Sanchez, Carol Luper Roark, Jeanette Thompson, Dolores Denecour, Ester Guiang-Mamuri, Del Roeseler

We pray 

Submit Personal Intercessions & Prayer Requests

Due to the volume of requests, submitted names will only be included once every four (4) weeks.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Children's Word



*Children's Liturgy of the Word updates Sunday Morning at 8:30 a.m.

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Prayers & Resources

Prayer for Spiritual Communion

My Jesus,

I believe you are really here in the Blessed Sacrament.

I love you more than anything in the world,

And I hunger to receive you.

But since I cannot receive Communion at this time,

Feed my soul at least spiritually.

I unite myself to you now,

As I do when I actually receive you in Holy Communion



pdfLectio Divina by Week



Good Works Never Cease

For several months now we've been [email protected] and gathered online to worship and pray together. Although our state and communities have begun to take small steps towards re-opening, we will continue to re-imagine and re-establish parish life—wherever we are. Your table is our table.


Together, we have:

  • gathered together for Mass online, still inviting lectors, musicians, and ministers to offer their gifts
  • brought you our Parish Mission Retreat and prayerful devotions online
  • established a response ministry to serve and assist those in our community with meal and grocery delivery
  • thanked frontline medical workers
  • ensured that the lights stay on and that internet is accessible for those who are struggling
  • hand-written notes, made hundreds of phone calls, and kept our ministries connected and engaged.

You make all of this good work possible. Half of our offertory gifts are usually collected in church through the Sunday basket. While we aren't able to pass the basket right now, we hope you will continue your offertory gifts through either a one-time gift -or- recurring giving. You may also click the 'Donate' button in the Livestream player. Your sustained gifts bring stability and peace of mind—as well as hope and comfort for those who need it most. Thank you!

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Contact: Merrick Siebenaler |  (310) 566-1514| 

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TTF Drop-In Lounge Monday, Apr 19 @ 7:30 PM
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