Christmas Mass Schedule 2020

For 134 years, St. Monica Catholic Community has gathered the faithful to celebrate the birth of our newborn king, Emmanuel—God with us. The promise hasn’t changed:

A peace delivered,
a hope restored,
and a love freely given.




Christmas Eve Masses: Dec. 24
2 p.m. · 4 p.m. · 6 p.m. · 8 p.m. · Midnight
Christmas Day Masses: Dec. 25
7 a.m. · 9:30 a.m. · 11:30 a.m
Communion Procession
A Communion procession will take place following each Mass (except Midnight).
Receive Eucharist from the safety of your vehicle.
Enter off Washington Blvd.
Virtual Live Assembly

We invite you to join our Virtual Live Assembly during our Livestream Masses, conducted on Zoom. Bring your Christ Candle to light and bless with our priests live during Mass.


Click Here to Receive a Link for the Virtual Live Assembly!


Christ Candle

Christmas Offertory Gift




Mon–Fri 12:10 pm - Livestream & Church 

Mon, Wed, Fri 7:30 am - Church

Sat. 7:30 am - Livestream


Sat Vigil 5:30 pm - Church & Grand Pavilion


Sun 7:30 am - Church

Sun 9:30 am & 5:30 pm - Livestream, Church & Grand Pavilion

Sun 4 pm - Outdoors on Hilton School Yard Lawn



Mon-Fri 5:30–6 pm

Please arrive before 6 pm

Sat 4:30–5:00 pm


*No Reservation required for Mass or Confessions

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