Msgr. Torgerson and HCAM return to Africa!
Msgr. Torgerson and Holy Cross Africa Ministry Chair return to Kenya to rekindle relationships

jakubPlanning has been underway for Msgr. Torgerson and our Holy Cross Africa Ministry [HCAM] team to return to our sister parish, Holy Cross Church in Dandora, Kenya. After a three-year pandemic hiatus, a small group will travel to Kenya, July 10-17 and will include Merrick Siebenaler and Kathleen Gallanar, the new Holy Cross Africa Ministry (HCAM) Chair. Although we have stayed in touch and continued our work remotely over the past 3 years, we look forward to rekindling and renewing our friendships with the people of Dandora.


Upcoming Trip

Msgr. Torgerson will leave for Africa on July 9, starting a 24-hour journey to Nairobi, where he will meet with the parish priests, school, and hospital leadership, as well as the Catholic community of the Holy Cross Parish in Dandora. Over the course of seven days, they will participate in conversations and meetings with young adults, teachers, students, nurses, doctors, parishioners, and lay leaders to identify the most pressing needs and see how our assistance has helped the community since our last trip in 2019. As part of the trip, Msgr. Torgerson will also discuss ways to remember and honor Fr. Dave Ayotte, who was especially passionate about helping the people of Africa.


To learn more about the trip and ways to support the ministry, join us in welcoming Fr. Bob Dowd and our ministry leaders at the Mission Co-op weekend, July 23-24, 2022.


Celebrating 20 Years and Looking Ahead

This year, we are about to celebrate our 20 year anniversary of our sister-parish relationship. We will celebrate some of the highlights over the coming months: the building of two schools, scholarships for hundreds of children, a new freshwater borehole, and the construction of a maternity hospital and a new church. 

Now, we are busier than ever as the HCAM has grown to include several programs. We invite you to learn more about them and how you can help the people of Dandora!


Education and Youth Outreach

hcam19 9We are currently looking for 1-2 volunteers to join our Committee (Monica Fernandez, Mary McLoughlin and Jakub Hlávka) that serves the children and youth of Dandora. To learn more, contact us at .


Our primary mission is to support scholarship students and their families in their efforts to break the cycle of poverty. Our parishioners have provided funding for books, education supplies, projectors, sewing machines, and beyond! We also support the local youth through music and sports programs, notably the Calvary Warriors Basketball Club. Over the past twenty years, we have been able to help hundreds of students and community members.

img 1039Veronika’s Place: Food Distribution

We are currently looking for 1-2 volunteers to join our Committee (Sharon Arnett, Rami Reyes) that serves those most vulnerable in the Dandora community. To learn more, please contact


Veronika’s Place is a food distribution program that supports HIV/AIDS patients in the Holy Cross Community. In partnership with the Los Angeles Marathon, we raise funds to feed over 500 people each month.


Medical Support: Brother André Hospital

220707 hcam hospitalWe are currently looking for 1-2 volunteers to join our Committee (Mary McLoughlin, Jill Tabit) that supports medical outreach serving hundreds of mothers and newborns in Dandora each year. To learn more, contact


The Medical Committee supports initiatives that help bring sustainable, compassionate, quality healthcare to the Dandora area. Formerly Brother André Dispensary and Visitation Maternity, Brother André Hospital provides services for Maternity, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthopedic, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Cancer screening, and many other outpatient health care services. More than 500 children are born in the hospital every year.


Click Here to Learn More about HCAM!


-Jakub Hlávka, Member

Education and Youth Outreach Committee



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