Pastoral Statement: Las Vegas Shooting

This morning, we awoke to yet another unimaginable mass shooting in Las Vegas. I am filled with sadness and despair for our world where violence continues to increase in frequency and intensity, which is counter to our Christian call and promise of peace. How did we get here?


In unity, we join our prayers of mourning and love for the victims of this tragedy, the city of Las Vegas, and all those who work to comfort, heal and support those who are suffering. Now is the time when our posture and response must be gentle and filled with compassion. Let us reach out to those we know and love to offer solace and unity. I echo our Bishops in their response: “In the end, the only response is to do good – for no matter what the darkness, it will never overcome the light.”


Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson



With the recent tragic event in Las Vegas, let us join our hearts and voices in prayer for those who lost their lives and those whose lives have been changed forever, both those in attendance at the concert and their loved ones at home. May the Lord grant a peaceful repose to the souls of the faithful departed and console those who mourn their loss. May He grant courage and perseverance to those faced with a long recovery from their injuries. It is with even more earnestness that we commit ourselves to a life of prayer as a Christian community that hearts would be set aflame with the love of Christ, especially the members of society who feel isolated and estranged. Let us bring the loving embrace of Christ to everyone we encounter and bring healing, that comes only through Christ, to a broken and divided world.


Fr. Matt Murphy
Associate Pastor


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