And the winner is…

resized952019021495174047What a night it was for St. Monica movie lovers! Not only was it Valentine’s Day but also the Film Club’s annual Oscar Night®. Fr. David Guffey, CSC, Director of Family Theater Productions, hosted the event that previewed and discussed the eight films nominated for this year’s Best Picture®. The evening drew to a close with the announcement of the Film Club’s choice for “best picture” based on ballots cast by the 80 guests. The winner by a wide margin (half the votes!) was Green Book.


March 14 is the next Film Club event—a screening of the thought-provoking 2010 film, Of Gods and Men. This Cannes Film Festival winner is a real-life story of bravery, humanity and enduring faith. Filmed in rural Algeria, the movie portrays the challenges facing eight monks whose peaceful coexistence with their Muslim neighbors is suddenly challenged by Islamic extremists. It’s not to be missed.




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