Laurel and Hardy took top billing

Thursday was the Film Club’s annual "Go to the Movies Night," and the audience gave a big thumb’s up to the charming biopic, Stan & Ollie, now in theaters. One takeaway from the Laurel and Hardy-focused evening was that, despite the decades since the comic duo actually performed, their work is part of our personal and common memory banks. We like them. They were originals.


Fr. David Guffey, CSC, moderated the evening and shared classic Oliver and Hardy footage to the audience’s delight. At one point the discussion turned to Stan Laurel’s days as a Santa Monica resident, first on Franklin Street and later at the Oceana Apartments. Unbeknownst to us, we were in the presence of a man who had served as Laurel’s paperboy (although he never caught sight of the icon) and Laurel’s favorite barbershop is still very much in business.


The evening—whether discussing the new film or the real lives of Oliver and Hardy—had several prominent themes. One was friendship, its value and its importance in life. Another was life transitions and how we as individuals choose to deal with them.


Next for the Film Club and film lovers is Feb. 14—Valentine’s Day. That’s when the Film Club will hold its annual Oscar Night. Always festive…always fun, the night includes refreshments, film clips, lots of discussions and a chance to vote for YOUR best picture of the year. See you on the red carpet (if we can find one).



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