SCAM ALERT: Email Posing as Msgr. Torgerson

Our parish and parishioners have once again become a target for an email scam:

  • Thieves are using email addresses listed in our bulletin and website to write emails posing as Msgr. Torgerson, asking for help.
  • If the recipient replies, the thieves ask that person to purchase gift cards, scratch off the panels revealing the gift card number and email that information to them.
  • This began in May and staff have experienced two waves since that time. This is the first time that parishioners are being targeted.


Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Our website and our email servers HAVE NOT been compromised. These are not bots, but actual people who understand Msgr’s public position as a leader in our community. Our network and affiliated servers have strong layers of protection in place.
  • Msgr. Torgerson rarely corresponds with parishioners via email. When he does, the only email address he possesses is part of our official domain: <>. His executive assistant, Patricia Garcia is his primary point of contact and handles all but the most sensitive of matters.
  • Since the thieves are opening brand new email accounts with third-party email providers, there is little we can do to prevent/block their actions.
  • Msgr. Torgerson is fully aware of the situation.


What you should do:


If you have any questions or further concerns—or if you are contacted with questions or concerns—re-direct everyone to me. I realize these messages can be unnerving—yet it is important that all of us not inflame the situation with speculation, rumor, or panic.


Thank so much,




Merrick Siebenaler

Director of Marketing Communications

St. Monica Catholic Community

725 California Ave ∙ Santa Monica, CA  90403

(310) 566-1514 ∙ 



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